UK immigration figures rise in past 12 months

According to recent reports, the UK immigrations levels for the past year have once more increased, after promises that the figure would be lowered by the Government. To find out the increase of UK immigrants, please read our latest blog.

Immigrants into the UK forced to ‘sleep on the street’

Reports indicate that immigrants into the UK has increased in 12 months

London Police have begun ‘rounding up’ Eastern European immigrants into the English Capital of London, in an attempt to cut the level of immigration coming into the country.

It’s been reported that immigrants throughout London are being forced to sleep rough as they have no place to live or even sleep at night.

Due to their circumstance, the immigrants had been asking for money from passersby, who deemed the act ‘offensive’, passing the matter onto police.

A combination of the Police, Border Control and Council Officials all worked in unison in order to assess the immigrants, due to the new, much stricter rules that have been released regarding begging.

UK immigration has seen another increase

UK immigration has seen another increase

The operation looked into the circumstance of the immigrants, sending two to their home country, one of these going home voluntarily due to ill health.

The operation came after it was revealed recently that the number of immigrants into Britain is ever increasing, despite the Government’s promise to lower the amount of immigrants that come into the UK each year.

UK immigration: The facts & figures

According to reports, immigration has seen a massive 40% increase on previous years after David Cameron’s Government promised to lower immigration rates into the UK.

The Office for National Statistics reported that in the last year, a total of 243,000 more people migrated to the UK than the amount of people who left.

This is an increase of 68,000 new immigrants into the British system. Notably, EU citizens counted for more than 40,000 of the increase, which included new arrivals from countries like Romania and Bulgaria.

According to the quarterly statistics that were released, a total number of 560,000 immigrants moved into the UK within the last 12 months, with an estimated 317,000 UK citizens upping sticks and leaving.

The overall number of people from within the EU sat at 214,000, with the figures seeing an increase of 19,000 for people migrating into the UK from the outer zones of the EU; this total figure sat at 265,000.

So, what do you think of the UK immigration figures? Is it too high?

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