Personal injury law

Each year sees over three million people injured in accidents, at home, work, while driving, or outdoors.

A majority of cases include the fault from someone else, this would give the victim of the accident the right to compensation.

With the help of personal injury solicitor, the process of making a claim can be much more simple. They will remain by your side during the deals made with insurance companies to make sure your individual circumstances are fully taken into account.

Making the claim

The initial step will cover sending a claim letter to the person/people or company that you are individually holding responsible for your accident (the defendant). This letter will entail a detailed account of your injury and the events.

The defendant must then reply to that letter within a fixed period of time (approximately between three months, however in many cases the time will be much shorter.)
Their letter should state whether they accept or deny liability for your injury.
If the case is accepted, your solicitor will aid in settling the matter in court.

Making the offer

Your solicitor should be able to quote to your the value of your claim and may ask you the amount of compensation that you would be willing to accept, also whether you would be willing to make an ‘offer to settle’ (Part 36 offer.)
You should be advised by your solicitor about a Part 36 offer and how it will affect you

Settling matters in court

If matters cannot be settled in court, there should be a discussion between yourself and your solicitor involving legal action and if it would be best to take it.

What your solicitor will need

In order for the details of your case to established, your solicitor will need to be given the following information:

– the date of the accident
– the contact details for any possible witnesses
– a detailed account of your injuries, medical diagnosis and the treatment you received
-evidence whether you are a member of the trade union or have any legal expenses insurance policies, as this may entitle you to a free legal representation or one with a significantly reduced cost

Your solicitor may also need access to:

– proof of the earnings you lost and/or any other financial expenses that are due to the injury
– any documents that relate to any insurance policies you have aka household insurance or motor insurance, to check if these could cover any costs of your claim
– any evidence that could be used to support your claim, this could include documents prior to the accident or previous accidents with similar circumstances

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