Civil litigation attorney

A civil litigation attorney is quite a versatile term that describes a type of lawyer who specialises in matters that aren’t essentially related to the criminal justice system.

Civil litigation lawyers’ roles don’t cover the defence of a person who had been charged with driving under the influence or had been arrested for theft.
They rather deal with matters that outline medical malpractice, personal injury, employment discrimination and civil rights. It is possible they may handle business cases, such as contract disputes, real estate matters, or in disputes that may involve partners in a corporation.

Those attorneys that specialise in civil litigation will need to prepare for every aspect of a trial in the civil court system.
Their role may involve interviewing clients and predicting the scope of the case and lawsuit purpose. The role would also include the preparation of petitions, or formal paperwork commencing a lawsuit.
Once the lawsuit has been prepared, civil litigation attorneys would then have the responsibility of discovery of information, or gathering information which involves compiling documents, taking the testimony outside of court and requesting information from the other party, or their attorney.

Civil litigation attorneys will also represent their clients along with the party they are suing.
Throughout the trial, the attorney will represent the client and may potentially work on their behalf to negotiate a settlement between parties.

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