Civil Litigation, the law and what it is

Civil Litigation, the law and what it is

A civil law dispute is where there’s an argument which is not criminal or family in nature but the word ‘Litigation’ means a legal case between 2 or more individuals, the situations in which civil litigation arises in can be from the following:

  • Negligence
  • Estate/Probate disputes
  • Faulty goods or poor services
  • Contract/Agreement breaches
  • Neighbour & Boundary Disputes
  • Property (Intellectual) disputes

Process of Civil Litigation

If there’s a case regarding one of the situations above and the dispute has been taken to court the proceedings are issued in the county court or worst cases the High court (this obviously depends on the complexity). If the claim is of £5000 or less this is valued as a small claim and requires a solicitor to conduct the case for you.

Once the case is started you’re known as the claimant or defendant depending on where you stand in the situation, once the case has been sorted and you’ve resulted in loosing the legal case you’ll usually be ordered to pay not only your own legal costs but also the other parties costs. It’s encouraged that all disputes to engage in Alternative dispute resolution which includes mediation and negotiation meeting (sometimes) which will help to try and resolve the situation before being processed in the courts.