Process of Personal Injury Claims

Personal Injury Northampton

A personal injury claim is usually put through when an individual has suffered injury in any accident which wasn’t their fault, this process can sometimes be very lengthy depending upon the situation, but the first step would be to contact a local solicitor who will specialise in these claims.

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What happens in a Personal Injury Claim?

When an injury has an injury usually at work or even road traffic incidents then the first step would be to contact a solicitor so that the situation/claim can be discussed, once the solicitor has got as much information as possible they can then see the best form of action for the claim.

The next step is paperwork, fortunately if it was a road traffic accident worth £10k or less then this will be done via an electronic system ‘MOJ Portal’, this portal will send the request/information to the insurers to see if they accept liability.

If accepted the next stage involves looking at details for medical evidence and loses/expenses, before then a letter of claim will be sent out to the other party in which they’ll have up to 3 months to investigate and act.

If the case is to proceed further this may go to a court proceeding in which the other party will then have to obtain a Defence, between the court proceedings and the case going to trail there are many other steps which must be taken to ensure the information is correct and the evidence is collected to use.

Most of the time cases are settled without a court proceeding or even trail and can be settled at the procedural steps leading up. If it was to go to court then they’ll decide whether the defendants can be liable for the accident/value of the clam.

How long can this process take?

This process from when the claim was made can take usually up to 3/4 months however, this all depends on how serious the claim or sustained injuries are, in this case it could take many months.

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