What does an Immigration Lawyer help with?

Immigration lawyers have a fairly unique role in comparison to other types of lawyers. These lawyers will help interpret the immigration law and help you analyse your rights, and strategies, and help you through the steps of the immigration process.  All legal matters relating to immigration and nationality are what immigration lawyers deal with. Their work can range from asylum and human rights claims via applications by family members and students, to how a business can secure immigration statuses for employees.

Their role is to break down the immigration process so you are able to gain a better understanding of the details regarding the overall process. They can prepare any paperwork on your behalf, which will save a lot of time and can be extremely reassuring to many people, along with help you with your organisation of documents and ensure to validate them.

With such serious matters, it is always advisable to seek professional help, as mistakes can be made when you do not have the appropriate knowledge or help from an experienced lawyer. Issues such as including incorrect information on immigration application forms can make the overall process much more complicated than it needs to be; an immigration lawyer will be able to help with these, knowing exactly what information is correct and necessary. This will give you peace of mind and will avoid such things as delays and refusals.

Finally, immigration lawyers will be trained and experienced enough to know what to expect. They will be able to take the appropriate measures to ensure the process is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Avoiding legal technicality issues will abolish the worry of delays and denied applications.

If you are looking to make the overall process a lot less stressful, seeking the professional help for immigration law could be the way forward. Matters to do with immigration can be demanding and time-consuming, giving the responsibility to an experienced lawyer could be hugely beneficial to you.


If you are currently seeking help regarding immigration law in Northampton, you can contact us for some guidance and advice, our people would be happy to assist you in any way they can!

UK immigration figures rise in past 12 months

According to recent reports, the UK immigrations levels for the past year have once more increased, after promises that the figure would be lowered by the Government. To find out the increase of UK immigrants, please read our latest blog.

Immigrants into the UK forced to ‘sleep on the street’

Reports indicate that immigrants into the UK has increased in 12 months

London Police have begun ‘rounding up’ Eastern European immigrants into the English Capital of London, in an attempt to cut the level of immigration coming into the country.

It’s been reported that immigrants throughout London are being forced to sleep rough as they have no place to live or even sleep at night.

Due to their circumstance, the immigrants had been asking for money from passersby, who deemed the act ‘offensive’, passing the matter onto police.

A combination of the Police, Border Control and Council Officials all worked in unison in order to assess the immigrants, due to the new, much stricter rules that have been released regarding begging.

UK immigration has seen another increase
UK immigration has seen another increase

The operation looked into the circumstance of the immigrants, sending two to their home country, one of these going home voluntarily due to ill health.

The operation came after it was revealed recently that the number of immigrants into Britain is ever increasing, despite the Government’s promise to lower the amount of immigrants that come into the UK each year.

UK immigration: The facts & figures

According to reports, immigration has seen a massive 40% increase on previous years after David Cameron’s Government promised to lower immigration rates into the UK.

The Office for National Statistics reported that in the last year, a total of 243,000 more people migrated to the UK than the amount of people who left.

This is an increase of 68,000 new immigrants into the British system. Notably, EU citizens counted for more than 40,000 of the increase, which included new arrivals from countries like Romania and Bulgaria.

According to the quarterly statistics that were released, a total number of 560,000 immigrants moved into the UK within the last 12 months, with an estimated 317,000 UK citizens upping sticks and leaving.

The overall number of people from within the EU sat at 214,000, with the figures seeing an increase of 19,000 for people migrating into the UK from the outer zones of the EU; this total figure sat at 265,000.

So, what do you think of the UK immigration figures? Is it too high?

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Immigration and Asylum Law in the UK

Chartlands Chambers Northampton offers some of the best legal advise and appealing reviews in the UK, the Chartlands’ Immigration and Asylum pratice includes all forms of appeal work from Human Rights to Refuge Convention issues.

Immigration and Asylum Law in the UK

Chartlands focus in helping all of their clients achieve their goals, with expertise to help obtain visas for people from both; outside & inside the UK as well as regularising overstayers, human rights claims, appeals against removal and deportation as well advocacy at Immigration Courts on your behalf. We will provide you with the complete A-Z in all areas of the immigration law.

Immigration law is vast; from the complex UK immigration laws which incorporate British Nationality and Human Rights Law. There are case laws, immigration laws and a multitude of ever changing Home Office policy’s to be familiar with when making an immigration application.


The United Kingdom Boarder Agency

The UKBA (United Kingdom Boarder Agency) is responsible for controlling immigration both inside and outside the UK, with the Secretary of State which is the person responsible for issuing the decision to an individual who makes an application to remain whilst in the UK.

It’s very important to know the correct immigration law before applying for a visa or submitting an application to the UK Immigration Authorities. Chartlands Chambers have particular expertise in assisting overstayers and those who have no lawful status to remain in the UK.

Chartland Chambers will offer some of the best specialist legal advice and assistance when making an application and proceed to fighting any case.

Immigration Law – and the immigration

Put simply – immigration law govern how and people from countries outside the UK are legally allowed to come to the UK and how long they can stay. It is also about what they are allowed to do when they are in the UK, for example, whether they can work, whether relatives can come to the UK to join them afterwards, and whether they can use the National Health Service or claim benefits.

The system of immigration law in the UK splits people into two broad categories:

  1.  ‘right of abode’ in the UK and who can live, work and move in and out of the country as they wish
  2. Those requiring permission to remain here.

The laws indicate different requirements that must be satisfied before someone will be granted leave to come and stay. The rules require that most of the categories of people coming to the UK will be able to support themselves without relying on public funds.  People in most ‘temporary’ categories, such as visitors, will also need to show that they intend to leave the country when the purpose of their stay is over.

For immigration problems which you may need advice on, contact Chartlands Chambers. You should bear in mind that immigration laws are strictly enforced in the UK and the consequences of misunderstanding your right to be here can be very serious. It can include the risk of deportation. It is therefore essential to consult a specialist adviser if you are unsure about your position, or the position of family and friends.

Immigration laws encompass many occurrences including:

  • obtaining permission to stay in the UK longer than originally intended
  • getting permission to do something which you are not at present allowed to do, for example, being allowed to work
  • bringing relatives into the country, for example, a spouse, fiancé, children
  • being threatened with deportation from the UK
  • being held by the immigration authorities in a detention centre
  • wanting a passport and not knowing whether you are entitled
  • wanting to apply to become a British Citizen
  • if you are already living in the UK but wanting to travel (for example, for a holiday), whether you will be allowed back into the UK
  • whether you are entitled to use state services or claim benefits, for example, education, health services, council housing, social security benefits, housing benefits, Council Tax Reduction
  • the right to vote
  • a relative or friend being refused entry to the UK when arriving at an airport or port.

The government has announced the introduction of the Immigration Bill on Thursday 10 October 2013.  The bill will reform the removals and appeals system, making it easier and quicker to remove those who have no right to be here and will prevent illegal migrants accessing or abusing public services and the labour market.

  • For further details see the Immigration Bill  on the GOV.UK website. The progress of the bill and explanatory notes can be found on the Parliament website here