Chartlands Chambers Complaints Procedure

This procedure covers complaints from professional and lay clients, and is applicable to any complaint, grievance or dispute raised against members and/or staff of Chartlands Chambers.


Chartlands Chambers is committed to providing a quality assured service at all times. However, should you have a complaint, you are invited to communicate with us as soon as possible. Complaints in the first instance can come to Mrs E M Foster, Business Manager.

Chartlands is dedicated to fully investigating and resolving, where possible, all complaints promptly and with its customers’ needs at the foremost.

Complaints made in writing

Please address written communication to the Management Committee, Chartlands Chambers, 3 St Giles Terrace, Northampton, NN1 2BN, DX 12408 Northampton.

The complaint should include:

  • your name and address
  • which member(s) of chambers or staff you have a complaint about
  • the details of your complaint
  • the action you would like to see taken

The Management Committee is headed by the two Heads of Chambers Mrs Jane Page and Mrs Joy Pinkham, and also includes a further experienced member of Chambers.

Your complaint will be immediately acknowledged in writting, confirming that within 14 days the committee will appoint a member of the panel to investigate the matter.

The person appointed will in every case, be someone other than the person you are complaining about. He/she will, once appointed, write to you confirming:

  • he/she will investigate and replay to your complaint within 14 days (or set a new date, if he/she will be unable to respond in this timescale).
  • the nature and scope of his/her investigation
  • the conclusion made and the basis for that conclusion
  • if found justified, his/her proposals for resolving the complaint

Complaints by telephone

For complaints in writing please follow the guidelines listed in the section below. However, if you would prefer to speak on the telephone about your complaint, please follow these guidelines:

  • Please telephone the Barrister concerned, or one of the Heads of Chambers (Mrs Jane Page or Mrs Joy Pinkham), if you prefer.
  • The person you contact will fully record the details of your complaint, and the action you would like done about it. He/she will discuss your concerns with you and aim to resolve them immediately.
  • If the matter is resolved, he/she will record the outcome, confirm you are satisfied with the outcome and record such. You may also wish to record the outcome of the telephone discussions in writing.
  • If the complaint cannot be resolved at this stage, you will be invited to write to Chambers within 14 days so the matter can be investigated formally.


All discussions and documents relating to any complaint will be treated as confidential.

Disclosure will only be made to the Management Committee and to anyone involved in the complaint and its investigation, including the person being complained about.

As part of the Chartlands’ commitment to client care, full written records of any complaint will be made and reviewed afterwards by the Management Committee with a view to improving service.

Complaints to the Legal Ombudsman and The Bar Standards Board

Chartlands will aim to investigate and resolve complaints to the satisfaction of all parties. If however, you would prefer not to use the above procedures, or are unhappy with the outcome, you do have the choice of taking up your complaint with the Legal Ombudsman ((in relation to service given to you as a client), or The Bar Standards Board (in relation to conduct of barristers, in respect of which you are a client or professional affected by a barrister’s conduct).

Legal Ombudsman
PO Box 6806, Wolverhampton, WV1 9WJ
Tel 0300 555 0333.

The Bar Standards Board
289-293 High Holborn, London, WC1V 7HZ
Tel: 0207 611 1444