Policy on Fees

Chartlands is committed to providing a flexible approach to fees negotiation. Members conduct publicly funded work (Family and Immigration), and privately funded work (all areas).

Fees can be agreed on either an hourly rate basis or overall fee based on preparation and likely duration. This can apply to hearings, conferences and paperwork.

The Clerks are happy to discuss any special requirements, and to provide more details. Please contact the clerks to obtain a quotation.

Chartlands does not undertake conditional fee work. In most cases, seniority of Counsel used will affect overall cost.

Contractual Terms of engagement

As introduced by the Bar Standards Board in January 2013, Chartlands Chambers has adopted the Standard Contractual Terms of instruction (with slight amendment).

This applies to privately funded work, with instruction from solicitors or other professional bodies.

For further information, or to obtain a copy of the Terms, please contact the Clerks.