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Northampton Crown, County, and Family Court serves as a crucial institution in the legal system, providing justice, resolving disputes, and upholding the rule of law in the Northampton area. Whether you are involved in a legal matter or simply interested in learning more about these courts, this blog will provide you with all the essential information you need. From their opening times and address to the types of cases they handle, facilities available, and security measures in place, let’s dive into everything you need to know about Northampton Courts.

What court cases does Northampton Court have?

Northampton Court handles a diverse range of cases, ensuring justice and resolution in various legal matters. Some of the key types of cases heard here include;

Adoption: Northampton Court addresses adoption cases, providing a platform for legal proceedings related to the adoption process and ensuring the well-being of the children involved.

Bankruptcy: Individuals or businesses facing financial insolvency can find assistance and guidance through the bankruptcy cases handled at Northampton Court. These cases help resolve debt-related matters and provide a fresh start for those facing financial difficulties.

Childcare Arrangements if You Separate from Your Partner: In situations where parents separate or divorce, Northampton Court handles cases pertaining to childcare arrangements. These cases focus on determining custody, visitation rights, and other important aspects related to the well-being of children.

Crime: Northampton Court deals with criminal cases, encompassing a wide range of offences such as theft, assault, drug-related offences, and traffic violations. These cases ensure that justice is served and appropriate legal measures are taken for those involved in criminal activities.

Divorce Hearings: Divorce cases fall under the jurisdiction of Northampton Court. These hearings address the legal dissolution of marriages, addressing matters such as the division of assets, child custody, spousal support, and other related issues.

Domestic Abuse: Northampton Court handles cases related to domestic abuse, providing legal avenues for victims to seek protection orders, restraining orders, and other measures to ensure their safety and well-being.

High Court Cases – Serious or High Profile Criminal or Civil Law Cases: Northampton Court also serves as a venue for high-profile criminal or civil law cases that require the attention of the High Court. These cases involve complex legal matters and significant public interest.

Housing: Cases related to housing, such as landlord-tenant disputes, eviction proceedings, and housing-related legal matters, are addressed at Northampton Court. These cases aim to resolve disputes and ensure fair treatment for both landlords and tenants.

Money Claims: Northampton Court handles money claims cases, providing a platform for individuals or businesses to seek legal remedies in matters related to debt recovery, contract disputes, and financial claims.

By effectively handling such diverse cases, Northampton Court plays a vital role in upholding the principles of justice, ensuring fair outcomes, and maintaining the rule of law in the Northampton area.

Address and contact details

Here are the address and contact details for Northampton Crown and Family Court

85-87 Lady’s Lane

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Opening Hours
There is currently no counter service available until further notice. Opening hours are 9-4pm Monday-Friday.

County court
Family court
(Including C100 applications)

Crown court
(Bailiffs Enquiries)

Breathing space enquiries
Family public law (children in care)
(Digital process for case numbers starting with C5)

Enquiries 01604 470 400
Enquiries 0300 332 1000
(Witness Services Enquiries)

Family public law (children in care) 0330 808 4424
(Digital process for case numbers starting with C5)

Building facilities

The building facilities at Northampton Courts can be found below; If you have a disability and need help coming to a hearing, you can contact their specialist accessibility team on 01604 470 400.

There are no parking facilities at this building, but there is paid off-site parking that you can use at the Upper Mounts and Newlands Carparks, just a short walk (50 meters) away.

Disabled access
Northampton Court provides accessibility features to ensure smooth entry and movement within the premises. These include a ramp leading to the building entrance, a lift connecting the ground floor and the first floor, and level access to both courtrooms and hearing rooms.

Assistance Dogs
Northampton Court warmly welcomes assistance dogs onto its premises, recognizing their important role in supporting individuals with disabilities.

Hearing Loop
To assist individuals with hearing impairments, loop hearing facilities are conveniently installed at the counters and within courtrooms, ensuring optimal accessibility for those who require them.

Security Arch
To maintain a safe and secure environment, Northampton Court utilises a security arch. If you have a pacemaker, please inform the security officer to ensure appropriate measures are taken during the security screening process.

Currently, the cafeteria services at Northampton Court are unavailable. However, alternative options may be available in the surrounding area for those in need of refreshments.

Interview Room
For private discussions or confidential meetings, Northampton Court provides private interview rooms conveniently located on the first floor, ensuring privacy and comfort during discussions.

Baby Changing Facility
Parents and caregivers visiting Northampton Court can find baby changing facilities conveniently located in the public toilets on the ground floor. You can breastfeed or express milk in all court or tribunal buildings.

Video Facilities
Northampton Court offers various video facilities to enhance court proceedings and improve accessibility. These include court/hearing room video conferencing facilities and prison to court video link facilities, which can be arranged in advance. For further information and arrangements, please contact the court via telephone or email. Additionally, the court is equipped with an Electronic Presentation of Evidence (EPE) facility.

Wireless Network Connection
For visitors requiring internet connectivity, Northampton Court provides access to GovWifi, a wireless network connection. This service enables individuals to stay connected and access online resources while at the court premises.

Northampton Court strives to provide a safe, inclusive, and accessible environment for all visitors, incorporating necessary facilities and services to meet their diverse needs.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Crown, County, and Family Court.

What should I bring with me to a hearing at Northampton courts?

When attending a hearing at Northampton Court, you should bring the following.

Hearing Letter and Case Number: Bring your hearing letter, which contains your case number. This case number is important as it helps you locate the specific area within the court building where your hearing will take place.

Relevant Papers: Gather any necessary documents or papers that are required for your hearing. These may include evidence, contracts, or any other supporting materials relevant to your case.

Face Covering: While not mandatory, you have the option to wear a face covering during your visit to Northampton Court. It’s advisable to bring one with you in case you prefer to use it.

Hand Sanitiser: If you have hand sanitiser, it’s a good idea to bring it along should you need it.

Food and Drink: As not all buildings have refreshment facilities available, it’s recommended to bring your own food and drink, including water, to keep yourself hydrated and nourished during your time at the court.

It’s essential to note that certain items are restricted within the court premises. For safety reasons, you are prohibited from bringing weapons, glass items, or liquids other than non-alcoholic drinks and hand sanitiser into the building.

What should I wear to Northampton Court?

Apart from a face covering, it is generally not permitted to wear anything on your head within the court or tribunal building unless it is for religious reasons.

While there are no specific rules regarding dress codes, it is recommended to dress smartly if possible. Presenting yourself in a respectful and professional manner helps create a positive impression and demonstrates the seriousness of the proceedings.

How early should I arrive for my hearing at Northampton Court?

It is important to arrive at Northampton Court 30 minutes before the time stated in your hearing letter. However, avoid arriving earlier than that, especially during busy times, as you may be turned away. The time mentioned in your letter indicates the start time for the day’s cases. Keep in mind that your specific case may not be first on the docket, so be prepared for possible waiting periods. To ensure a smooth experience, make any necessary arrangements in advance, such as arranging childcare or taking time off work, considering the potential duration of your visit to the court.

What security is there at Northampton Court?

Attending a court or tribunal can be overwhelming or even frightening. To ensure your safety, all court buildings have security measures in place.

If you have any concerns about your safety on the day of your hearing, reach out to the court or tribunal using the contact details provided in your letter. They will address your worries and provide guidance accordingly.

To help you feel secure during your visit, the court can take additional measures, such as seating you in a different area of the building from others involved in your case while you wait. They can also provide a screen in the hearing room to ensure that the other party cannot see you if needed.

In the event that you have a high temperature or do not feel well enough to attend a hearing, it is important to contact the court or tribunal immediately. They will handle alternative arrangements and individual requests on a case-by-case basis, prioritising your well-being.

If you are at a higher risk from COVID-19 and need to attend a hearing, please inform the court or tribunal in advance. By letting them know, they can take appropriate measures to ensure your safety during the proceedings.

Who can come with me to Northampton Court?

If you require support during your visit to Northampton Court, you are allowed to bring one person with you, such as a friend or family member.

However, it’s important to note that if you arrive with more than one person, they may not be permitted to enter the court premises. To avoid any inconvenience, please limit your accompanying party to one individual.

Northampton Court does not have childcare facilities, and court staff are unable to supervise or care for your children while you are in the hearing room. It is advisable to make appropriate childcare arrangements beforehand to ensure a smooth and focused experience during your proceedings.

Can I breastfeed at Northampton Court?

At Northampton Court, you are welcome to breastfeed or express milk within all court or tribunal buildings. If you prefer to have access to a private room specifically designated for breastfeeding or expressing, it is advisable to contact the court in advance of your visit. Certain buildings may have specially designated rooms available, and coordinating with the court beforehand can help ensure a comfortable and suitable environment for your needs.

Northampton Court provides essential services in a professional and accessible manner. By familiarising yourself with the opening times, address, contacts, types of cases handled, facilities, and security measures, you can better prepare for your visit and ensure a smooth experience. Remember to bring the necessary documents, follow the guidelines, and arrive on time. If you have any concerns or need assistance, do not hesitate to contact the court or visit the government website for further information.