Role of a solicitor in a criminal case

The solicitor is the legal professional who directs the office operations of judicial systems and various cases.

In a criminal case, the solicitor has the responsibility of assigning attorneys to the case while acting as their advisor.


One of the main purposes of the solicitor is to help prosecutions of criminal cases process in a timely manner. This may vary between offering advice on legal matters to the preparation of proposals and arguments. A solicitor must be highly organised and familiar with each case they work on.


Solicitors need to have experience and knowledge in the field of law and legal training to ensure they are giving accurate information to those seeking legal advice. When solicitors are trained in areas of problem-solving they can find better solutions to the problems of clientele or offer legal advice to those in criminal cases.

Criminal Litigation

Although there are various types of law firms where a solicitor can be employed, those who are employed in a criminal litigation practice a firm may be required to be in court. 

Responsibilities can vary, including paperwork for bail and completing appeal applications.

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